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Uses for a spunding valve

spunding valve holding pressure
pressurized fermentation in the keg

Using a spunding valve will make better beer. Really, how can one make such a bold claim?  While there are lots of product claims to make better beer, this one will definitely improve your beer, the claim of making it better will depend on how you use it. The primary use of a spunding valve is to ferment beer under pressure. While this is a good use homebrewers don’t gain much from it. A better use is to reduce oxygen uptake in your beer during transfers which will improve shelf life and hold in aromas from dry hopping. Oxygen can stale a beer and eliminate all if not most of the aroma. Of all the various uses for spunding valves here are some of the better ones.

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New In Keg dry hop / fruit pulp filter

This little guy is in the testing phase now. The last time I brewed a New England style IPA my keg connections and tap faucet kept getting clogged with hop particles. I’ve come up with this stainless steel filter to allow loose dry hops in the serving keg clog free. If this works out i’ll be offering these for sale in the shop.

This is a shot of it installed on the dip tube


Awaiting fermentation to complete on my latest NEIPA. Almost a full pound of hops go into just a 5 gal batch. I also plan on testing this with a fruited beer. Some fruit particles and pulp end up in the finished beer no matter how careful you are.

6 oz of Citra, 5 oz of Mosaic and 3 oz of Summit